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San Jacinto Methodist Family Practice

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Postby ktmddc » Tue May 20, 2008 6:50 pm

Olgasampson huh?...

I take offense to the amusing letter written regarding SJMH...I am one of those Carribean school grads that Mr. Olgasampson is referring to...I however, passed my board exams, Step I and II with above average scores...averaging in the 90th percentile...on the first attempt.

Just to set things straight about the SJMH program...yes, there are quite a few IMG's and no they did not all fail boards on numerous fact some of the US grads that we interviewed had failed boards and/or had failing grades in medical school, but this is beside the point.

It appears that the letter written by Mr. Olgasampson is apparently related to a recent request by the program to ask him to leave...what he doesn't state is that this is the second (that I know of) and possibly third program that he has been asked to leave from...although he states that "it was his choice" to leave the other programs.

I should also mention that he himself failed at least one board that I know of...Step III.

As far as finding a job...I'm sure it all depends on the personality and tenacity of the graduating far, I know of no one who is out of work from prior classes and in the current third year graduating class, most have already signed contracts for positions with salaries well above the national average for Family Medicine physicians.

Maybe Mr. Olgasampson should look at the common denominator in the last two to three attempts at completing a first year residency ain't the program. :roll:
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