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Only 1 intrvw call: Answering "whr else have you intrvwed?"

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Only 1 intrvw call: Answering "whr else have you intrvwed?"

Postby onkar » Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:27 pm


I have only one interview call and it is scheduled for next week.

I was hoping to get help with answering the following potential interview question: "Where else have you interviewed?" or "How many programs have you interviewed?"

Please note -- Irrespective of this question, I am going to make all the effort to convey to them that they are where I want to be.

Should I be honest and frank and tell them that this is the only interview I have. I think the downside is that they may think less of me and even if they did like to an extent, they may take me for granted (as a sure candidate) and rank me lower. The PRO is that, because they know I am a sure candidate, they may rank me (lower though) even if they don't like me so much (just think I am acceptable).

Or should I say 'I prefer not to discuss this' OR lie that 'I have 2 other interviews' AND explicitly convey that "But I am going to rank you #1 because of blah, blah ..."

Any suggestions/views will be appreciated. My preference is towards the second option.

Thank you.
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